The Hottest Job in America Is Not ‘PR Specialist’

But is IS someone who will work closely with comms teams.


Chief Marketing Officer Grey will see you now.

…but maybe it should be up there along with “people who can identify the next #TheDress.”

PR is simply the country’s “best creative job” according to U.S. News. The winner of CareerBuilder’s data dump survey, which came out in November but inspired AdAge headlines this morning, is marketing executive.

CareerBuilder based its list on the difference between supply and demand, and the greatest gap between job listings and hires occurred in the “marketing executive” category. This means that, while a (relatively) limited number of such gigs exist at the moment, many companies are still desperate to find smart people to run their marketing operations.

The finding does offer some hints for PRs curious about the future: as Ted Birkhahn of Peppercomm told us last month, many firms now end up working directly with these very same marketing execs on the client side rather than reporting to internal PR people.

And have you noticed that many top comms positions have been absorbed by marketing departments after longtime employees retire? Prudential, for example, eliminated the comms position and promoted its head of advertising to the newly created “chief brand officer” role when its longtime PR man Bob DeFillippo stepped down in December.

An expert on the subject tells AdAge that the reason so many top marketing gigs remain unfilled is that applicants just aren’t qualified; tech and analytical skills are more important than ever, so employers pass over traditionalists in favor of guys and girls who can make the most of Big Data (or at least give a good speech on the topic).

We see future trends here for PR firms with big-name clients: a greater focus on numbers, digital reports, proof of ROI, and other budgetary concerns.

This may or may not be a good thing…