The Hotness Thus Far

(Note: Contrary to what we previously stated, the polls close on Wednesday, August 9.)

Hottest Female Off Air (With lots of ladies in the hunt, this looks to be the most competitive category and will likely go down to the wire) :

1. Liz Gorman
2. Hilary Lefebre
3. Lila Merideth

Hottest Female, On Air (Can Norah catch Kendall?):

1. Megyn Kendall
2. Norah O’Donnell
3. Zain Verjee

Hottest Male, Off Air: (Will Noyes hold on? Can McCaslin come from behind and pull off a huge upset? Or will all of Gross’ lady admirers–and just from the cocktail chatter last night…TRUST US…there are many–give him the victory?)

1. Andrew Noyes
2. John McCaslin
3. Josh Gross

“Hottest Male, On Air: (Can anyone dethrone Hendren?)

1. John Hendren
2. Scott Engler
3. David Greene