The Hotline’s Amy Walter Moves to ABC

Amy_Walter.jpg NJ “The Hotline’s” Editor-in-Chief Amy Walter is moving to ABC News to become the Political Director. Details with ABC are still being finalized.

The move is a big one, but not surprising to the company, who has long known that Walter wants to do TV full time. She had been stepping away from her day-to-day role and was in talks about playing a different role within NJ.

NJ will soon announce a variety of new hires. “We’ve known for sometime that Amy wants to expand her television role,” said Linda Douglass, VP of Atlantic Media Company. “She’s very good at that. As you know, National Journal Group is in the midst of a nationwide talent search and we expect to have new Hotline leadership in place this summer. National Journal Group prides itself in providing great journalistic talent. We’re going through an exciting transformation and will develop many more high profile journalists and analysts as a result of this nationwide talent search that’s underway.”

Experience: Walter has been a political analyst for CNN, a contributor to The Newshour with Jim Lehrer (PBS). She has appeared on Face the Nation (CBS), MTP(NBC), Washington Journal (C-SPAN), Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), and The Early Show (CBS).