The Hollywood Reporter‘s Janice Min Draws Praise from NY Times

When former US Weekly editor Janice Min took over The Hollywood Reporter, she had her work cut out for her. Many, including us, were skeptical that the floundering trade mag could be revived. But in just 10 months, Min has transformed the troubled daily into an attractive weekly, and earned her place in a Sunday NY Times column from media critic David Carr.

Carr calls Min “a demure Columbia graduate who knows her way around a Diane Von Furstenberg dress.” Her management style sounds as if it verges on the Zen:

Many magazine editors are known for cutting a wide swath in their own offices and beyond. Ms. Min has never been big on acting big. For much of an editorial planning meeting last Tuesday for The Hollywood Reporter’s weekly magazine, Ms. Min was content to let Owen Phillips, the executive editor, run through the schedule.

Not many editors seem as content to just let people do their jobs.

“That is an illusion,” said Stephen Galloway, the executive editor for features who has worked at The Hollywood Reporter on and off since 1993. “I have never worked for an editor who is as in charge as she is. We all know by now what she wants and work hard to deliver it.”

And she manages all that, seemingly, without screaming, threatening or berating.

We’ve seen plenty of the Hollywood press emulating the abusive bluster of the Hollywood power players. Hopefully this more civilized approach will become a trend.