The Holidays Kick Up Growth on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

FrontierVille leads this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users with a significant bump in its DAU count. But it’s not alone in that; a number of the apps on the list saw a spike in usage around the start of this week, perhaps due to the holiday.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. FrontierVille7,977,632+985,334+14%
2. Hey I Like1,310,520+528,926+68%
3. Are YOU Interested?1,332,324+462,478+53%
4. Tag Friends447,677+262,743+142%
5. Ravenwood Fair646,173+222,963+53%
6. Vegas City412,191+212,447+106%
7. FarmVille16,616,833+201,970+1%
8. La sfida delle città196,258+196,257+19,625,700%
9. Windows Live Messenger9,766,582+193,589+2%
10. Social Statistics358,940+149,808+72%
11. @Hugs992,753+142,365+17%
12. Give Hearts1,492,385+130,316+10%
13. @Smiles1,025,928+130,235+15%
14. Causes984,329+129,364+15%
15. @Hearts898,787+114,264+15%
16. SEXY oder NICHT?116,008+113,621+4,760%
17. Frases Diarias1,106,078+102,196+10%
18. Snaptu616,902+96,574+19%
19. Sorority Life488,650+93,755+24%
20. Tư vấn vui191,210+86,921+83%

Hey I Like is the first non-game app, and it’s one that we haven’t seen before, despite its 1.3 million DAU and 12.4 million monthly active users. It’s part of a new wave of viral apps that play on the Like button by asking users to make wall posts that their friends will then Like.

Are YOU Interested? registered one of the largest spikes in DAU among the older apps. The dating app is working to reach the all-time highs of 15 million MAU and 1.5 million DAU that it reached in late October, but it may have nearly hit its limits.

At number eight, La sfida delle città is another app that we haven’t seen before, although only in name. The app is basically a homeland geography test for Italians. Such concepts long ago played out among American users, but each individual language group seems to have to go through its own encounter with them.

Finally, the perennial gifting apps @Hugs, Give Hearts, @Smiles and @Hearts are clustered together with over a hundred thousand new DAU each. Each of these apps hovers around 10 percent DAU as a percent of MAU, which is almost game-level engagement; if you haven’t checked one out in a while, it might be worth a visit to see how these lightweight apps keep users coming back.