The Holidays are for Scotch at House of Walker

How much do you know about scotch whiskey? Because I know a lot. For instance, if you drink Johnnie Walker Double Black with water, it tastes like you’re licking the forest. This piece of info has been brought to you by Stephen Wilson, Johnnie Walker ambassador and tour guide through the world of Johnnie Walker scotches.

Last night, the Shorty Awards hosted a holiday scotch tasting at the House of Walker, a temporary event space in NYC’s Soho neighborhood. The space features a Pac Man arcade game (which was shut down without warning after I’d just eaten a power pellet), a pool table, bookshelves (with books!), and, lots of scotch. Scotch, scotch, scotch.

According to Wilson, the space opened in November and will only be around until Friday. But there are a number of Johnnie Walker promotions going on at the moment, like the free rides that the company has partnered on with the New York City Transit Authority in order to get people home safely, part of the company’s messaging about drinking responsibly.

A Johnnie Walker girl (have to say, not loving that title) passing out glasses for the tasting.

The space gives groups and organizations a place to host events with a built-in piece of Johnnie Walker branded entertainment and a hashtag, #JohnnieWalkerTasting, to share the news. The tasting itself gives all partakers the basics about scotch (specifically Johnnie Walker’s) and the chance to sample the goods, including the high-end Blue Label. Plus, there were sliders.

Separately, submissions for the agency and brand Shorty Awards will be accepted through tomorrow with all other categories opening up the first week in January. We’ve got a couple of photos from last night’s event, care of the Shorty Awards Facebook page. You can check out more here.