The Hits Keep Coming for the UK’s Design Council with New Hospital Gown Design

Back in 2008 when the button-down lawyer Michael Bichard took over the UK’s Design Council, people weren’t entirely sure what to make of the guy or what he’d actually get done. But if you took just these last couple of weeks as a signifier of how he and his Council are doing, we’d wager they’d receive a pretty high grade. First they released, to much attention, two designs for new pint glasses, created with the intention of curbing dangerous glass breaking during already dangerous drunken brawls (and by extension, saving the UK lots of money in medical bills). Now the Design Council has just released its next big change: a new design for the hospital gown. They haven’t fully unveiled the new design just yet (it’s coming sometime next month), but they’ve explained that it was designed by famous fashion designer Ben de Lisi and will “preserve patients’ modesty.” Having been in a few of those standard, familiar gowns ourselves, we can’t wait to get dramatically sick again and try out de Lisi’s new threads. And if Bichard keeps the Design Council going like this, soon we’ll all be driving hover cars and living to 160.