The History of Social Recruiting [Infographic]

There was once a time when you’d type up your resume on your old fashioned word processor, add a little flair and a unique (but not irresponsible) font and print it out to deliver by hand to a prospective employer.  Those days are long gone, and today’s job hunt is new territory for people on all sides of the fence.  A new infographic looks at the history of social recruiting and provides some startling statistics about how many people are using it — for instance, 49% of employed Americans are looking for new jobs on social networks.

The infographic provided by Jobvite looks at how things changed in the early to mid-2000s as well, and how recruiting has improved dramatically due to the information exchange between employers, potential employees and recruiters themselves.  More data is available now than ever before, and recruiters are still figuring out how to use all these varied sources of inputs.  There are 135 million users on LinkedIn alone, but that is not the be-all end-all: recruiters are still looking for more.

The infographic also looks at concepts like collaborative recruiting and recruiting marketing, ideas that most employers/employees aren’t as well versed in but are interesting nonetheless.