The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful List Is Open for Nominations

You can even nominate yourself.

It’s spring in Washington, a time for cherry blossoms, tour groups fanning the Mall, al fresco happy hours, and the opening of nominations for this town’s signature beauty contest.

That’s right, folks, The Hill is now taking your nominations for the beautiful people of the Washington political scene for its annual 50 Most Beautiful list. In case there was any doubt, that’s beauty in the non-expansive, cosmetic sense of the word.

If you’re a fan of aesthetically pleasing exteriors, or you yourself are possessed of one, The Hill wants to hear from you, and will be taking nominations through May. Here are the rules:

You only need one nomination to be considered and all entries are kept confidential. For those who are blessed not only with beauty but also a healthy ego: Yes, you are allowed to nominate yourself. Anyone who regularly works in politics in Washington is eligible.

Send your nominations to Be sure to include the person’s name, place of employment, contact information and a good photo (in other words, ditch the sunglasses.

The time for ogling and arguing over the final 50 will arrive later in the year.