The Hill Shifts a Beat and Hires Two New Scribes

The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon announces a beat change and a few new hires. Jordy Yager (pictured here) is moving to the beat, in part, left vacant by Susan Crabtree. Crabtree recently left the newspaper for TPM. Debbie Seigelebaum, a new hire from Inside Washington Publishers, will assume Yager’s Campus/Features beat. A second new hire is Keith Laing from The News Service of Florida, who will be a business and lobbying reporter.

See the internal memo…

The Hill is continuing to grow and I have a couple newsroom developments to tell you about.

Jordy Yager, who has been covering the campus beat and writing features for Capitol Living, is moving over to a new beat in the newsroom. He’ll take on the oversight and intelligence portfolio, which promises to be a lively one this Congress. He will also write some homeland security stories, which is turf on which he has already developed expertise. It’s a dramatically different role than the one that Jordy has played so far, and I know he will do a great job.

Taking Jordy’s place on the campus and features beat will be Debbie Siegelbaum. Debbie will join us on Monday, Feb 28, from Inside Washington Publishers. She has already contributed freelance articles to The Hill and I am delighted that she will now be with us full time.

Also joining us on Feb 28 is Keith Laing, who is a state capitol reporter with The News Service of Florida. Keith, who before that was with The Brunswick News, will become part of our business and lobbying team. He has a proven track record on policy stories and will add to the strength and depth of the coverage that makes us a must-read along K Street.

I am really looking forward to having Keith and Debbie with us.

Thanks, Hugo