The Hill Debuts Its First Podcast

It's called History-Cast

The Hill launches its first podcast today, one that seeks to fill in some historical context to the overwhelming pile of news that rains down on us on a daily basis.

Called History-Cast, it’s a “deep dive into the fascinating history and culture of American politics,” as host and Hill national correspondent Reid Wilson explains in the promo, while also reminding us that our country’s history remains “really important to our daily lives.”

The podcast is bi-weekly, and the first episode is out today. In it, Wilson takes a behind-the-scenes look into the world of sherpas–not the Himalayan kind, without whom climbing Mount Everest would be impossible for almost everyone, but the Washington kind, who guide Supreme Court candidates through the Senate confirmation process. Wilson explores not only what the process looks like now, but what happened over the years that caused today’s confirmation battles to be exactly that–battles.

The podcast will run in seasonal installments, with this first season slated to run up until Congress’ August recess. The idea was Wilson’s own, according to Hill editor in chief Bob Cusack, who said that Wilson has “done a great job putting it together with the rest of the team.”

Cusack went on to say that The Hill’s own content will serve as an inspiration for the subject of future episodes. “The entire staff deserves credit because a lot of the issues/ideas we’ll tackle in the podcasts came from our reporters,” he told Fishbowl.

You can check it out here.