The Hill’s Copy Editor Leaves After Six Years

Chief Copy Editor Extraordinaire (not his real title, but one we and our tipster find fitting) Mike Laws is leaving The Hill after working there for six years.

“Still feels slightly unreal to me, after all this time, though my last day is next Wednesday, so I guess I better get used to the idea,” Laws told FishbowlDC this morning.

The reason for his departure? Laws has been doing a Master of Arts program part-time at Johns Hopkins, and is a little more than halfway through. He wants to concentrate on his studies. He says he’ll be living on the Eastern Shore but traveling back and forth between there and D.C. and Baltimore to meet with his thesis adviser.

We wish Laws all the best. See a few pictures of him, along with a question we asked to allow him to reminisce and reflect on his time at The Hill. FBDC: How much do you cuss in the course of your job?

ML: You asked how much swearing occurs in the life of someone whose job it’s been, for six years and change, to proofread a daily newspaper cover to cover. I’d be lying if I told you the answer weren’t “a lot” — but most of it wasn’t coming from me. Newsrooms are pretty shall we say blue places, after all. To this day, Kevin Bogardus can routinely be seen shuffling around the office muttering bad words to himself. I’m pretty sure Jeff Young [now at HuffPost] had Tourette’s. And Elise Viebeck sometimes screams at people over the phone, though she only ever cusses in German.