The Hill Closes Down Comment Section to Protect Beauties

In an unprecedented move for the publication, The Hill has locked down its “Comment” capabilities for the 50 Most Beautiful People of Capitol Hill feature. This means readers who don’t find the beauties that attractive will not be able to write in what can be really ugly commentary. Speaking of which, where’s HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins’s biting commentary this year? He hasn’t yet written his traditional review that dissects beauties on everything from hair to makeup to attire. But perhaps this horrible self-nomination makes up for Linkins’s disappearing act.
The Hill‘s Editor Hugo Gurdon remarked to FishbowlDC on the publication’s reasoning for taking down the Commentary tool: “We think it’s fine for people to comment on our reporting and on the politicians we write about. But 50MB is supposed to be fun, and there’s no reason to expose participants to the kind of comments that sometimes get posted on an open site.”
A few samples of Linkins’s past reviews after the jump…

From 2009:

Shuwanza Goff apparently “doesnÂ’t like wrinkles on clothing. Hates them, in fact.” So, I’m guessing she’ll be THRILLED when she sees the picture THE HILL used.

Maria Espinoza says, “My butt was sore for days, and my legs were so achy. But I would do it again.” Please note: she’s referring to long-distance bicycling, NOT meeting with pharmaceutical lobbyists.