The Hill Bests Roll Call

In this weekend’s Roll Call v. The Hill softball match, The Hill newspaper defeated the Roll Call EditOrioles by a score of 10-9 (and, yes, Brody Mullins showed up to play for his old paper).

We hear that Bob Cusack, Kelly McCormack, Mike Laws, Klaus Marre carried the team.

>UPDATE: Tips coming in:

  • “The Hill beat Roll Call 11-9 on Saturday, and we didn’t need to bring in alumni to do it (though Patrick O’Connor was there for moral support).”

  • In reference to this, a tipster writes in: “St. Louis native Craig Winneker, managing editor at Roll Call for 10+ years and now at WSJ Europe, was the best first baseman. Bresnahan rarely played.”

  • In reference to this, a tipster writes, “Vandehei never came out for a softball game.”

  • Craig Winneker writes in (referring to this list): “Hate to be picky but… Me at SS. Those other hotshots may have done better as free agents on the journo market but I was the only one who could actually play softball. Besides Curran.”

  • “Ask the Hill how many girls played and how many sat on their bench. RC’s women did a fine job against the Hill’s macho males.”

  • “The Hill played one woman in their lineup, with the rest all men. Roll Call played with 5 women in their lineup.”

  • “I knew Roll Call would pull out the female card. We agreed on the terms of the game. We had one automatic out at the end of the order and only got three outfielders. They agreed to the rules. Would we have preferred if more Hill women made it, but we played with what we had. Did we mention that Roll Call wanted to extend the game two innings after they lost? We offered to play a doubleheader, but got turned down.”

  • “The Hill people said they’d have 3 women, as is standard in co-ed softball leagues. Batting just one woman, they should have had 2 automatic outs throughout the game. And the score was 10-9, no 11-8 or 11-9.”

  • “Actually, the Hill offered to play an extra two innings, but then rescinded the offer when they thought they might lose. Wussies.”

  • “10-9, 11-8, 11-9… All I see are the letters L-O-S-E-R, and you can’t spell loser without S-O-R-E. If we should have had two automatic outs, maybe you should have negotiated that beforehand. How can we win in that situation? If you win, you won, and if you lose, you say it wasn’t fair.”