The Hill Adds Monday Paper

In a memo to staff on Wednesday, Editor Hugo Gurdon told The Hill‘s employees that a Monday publication is being added to the lineup. Keith White, hired from Congress Daily, will be heading up the Monday paper. Gurdon says the new edition will not add work for reporters but will allow them to write longer pieces should they so choose. Extra staff will be hired.

See the memo after the jump…

I mentioned to you a few days ago that we have several really exciting new developments for 2011. One I want to tell you about now is that we are going to publish a Monday issue of the paper. I cannot give you all the details, but I know you will be intrigued and so I will share with you what I can, and fill in the gaps in coming weeks. First, the new issue will be very different from the other papers we put out Tuesday through Friday (and indeed from the Monday papers that our competitors produce); it will be unique, not merely an additional issue in a line of five similar papers. We are hiring extra staff for this task. I emailed you a few weeks ago that I had hired Keith White, former editor of Congress Daily, as an associated editor. His principal focus in that position will be on the Monday issue. He began work this week and will soon be joined by other Monday staff. The new issue will not add to the workload of any existing staff member, although it will give reporters chances to write occasional longer-form articles that will get new, fresh and high-profile display. It is always exciting to launch a new publication; in that respect but in few others, our new Monday issue is no exception. The Hill is also expanding in other ways that I will tell you about shortly. Thanks, Hugo