The ‘Here Media’ Deadbeat Train Rolls On

We just got this email from freelance blogger Oscar Raymundo, claiming he too is owed a bunch of money by Advocate parent company “Here Media.”
“Here Media owes me $1,260, which is like a million bucks to a 24-year-old.”
The email included a link to his blog, where he posts invoices for more than 30 blog items he says he was never paid for, writing for

I’m still calling a certain “Dustin” at Here Media headquarters on Wilkshire Boulevard to try and get my money. I started calling once every couple weeks, but I’m down to my last starving-writer patience. And will begin ring-a-ding-a-ling-ing this guy every day. Like my crush sophomore year of college who never called me back and thought I was his stalker…

Pay the man already, Dustin.
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