‘The Heming Way’ Takes Playful Look At Great Novelist

Marty Beckerman, a former Esquire editor, has a new eBook out that takes a humorous look at Ernest Hemingway, called The Heming Way.

To memorialize the 50th anniversary of the great American novelist’s passing on July 2nd, Beckerman looks at Hemingway as “history’s ultimate man.” The book pokes fun at Hemingway’s drinking, womanizing and self destructive tendencies with chapters such as “For Whom the Beer Flows,” “Death in the Afternoon… Lunch is Served,” “A Farewell to Smooth Arms, Backs, Taints, Etc.,” and “The Old Man and the See You in Hell.”

Beckerman had this statement: “Fifty years have passed since this giant walked the earth, and we’ve forgotten every lesson he taught. Instead of wasting our time on Facebook and Twitter, we should be climbing mountains, dominating battlefields, and transforming majestic creatures of the Southern Hemisphere into piano keyboards.”

The eBook is now available for $3.99.