The Heist of the Century or Just a Lousy Thing That Happened? The Reporting of the Theft of Marc Jacobs’ 2012 Collection

Just before the weekend, you may have caught word of one of the greatest fashion heists of all time, that every last stitch of assembled fabric had been stolen from Marc Jacobs‘ 2012 collection in a daring daylight robbery. Outlets like Gawker led with breathless headlines such as “The Entire Marc Jacobs Spring Collection is Missing!” So bad was the theft that Jacobs was forced to cancel a planned European press day, which led to speculation that this might also be an end to the company in full, given that now they don’t have any clothing left? Turns out, the whole thing, while bad, wasn’t nearly as bad as it was initially reported. Over the weekend, the story straightened out a bit, with the NY Times reporting that the items stolen were simply samples for press events, and that the company still had the originals safe and sound. The Jacobs Twitter feed also tried to clamp down on the speculation, writing “We do still have other samples thankfully. Life goes on.” So, again, bad but certainly not the end of the world. Personally, we think the whole thing got blown out of proportion because of the Jacobs PR team, who released a far too cryptic note upon the cancellation of the aforementioned European press get together, writing simply, “The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day tomorrow in the Marc Jacobs store is cancelled, due to the theft of the spring/summer 2012 collections during its transfer from Paris.” That also likely wasn’t helped by the posting of this Tweet almost immediately thereafter:

So clearly not something the company would have asked to have happened, and there’s likely some work ahead in trying to help the police nab the thief and keep a lid on the early release of counterfeit copies, but they wound up getting a swarm of press over the past few days, both in the initial overblown reporting and then again in the backtracking.