The Headhunter Did What?

Okay, just a little Friday funny for y’all….this story supposedly happened, exactly as described, to a member of the Workforce forums

Just got a call from a headhunter trying to recruit me away to an opportunity I am completely not interested in (especially given that I’m not job hunting anyway)…and after trying and trying and trying (and failing failing failing) to get me to come in for an interview, he decided to go all hard sell and said “OK you think you’re not job-hunting now but maybe you will be after I call your boss and tell him you called me about a job?”

Excuse us?

See how the harassed employee responded after the break.

While this surprising sales tactic is one I’m not familiar with, I thought fast and replied, “OK, I’ll come and see you but I gotta warn you I’m 55, overweight, gray-haired and missing a tooth in front – that’s OK with you, right?” At which he hung up.

Most recruiters are awesome, hardworking, honest folks. This one…not so much.

photo: Tim . Simpson