The Happiest City In Canada Is… [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is it better to live in Vancouver or Toronto? Halifax or Montreal? Well, if Twitter is any indication, there is a clear winner among Canadian cities vying for top spot – at least in terms of how happy their residents are, which I think is a pretty good measure of which city is “best”.

In its second infographic (following The State Of Toronto On Twitter) looking at Canadians on Twitter, tbk creative examined over 1 million tweets from Canada’s 15 largest cities to see where Canadians are most happy. The tweets were sent between October 7 and November 7 2011.

The team combed through these tweets to pick out the ones that contained positive words like “happy”, “joy”, “glad” and “pleasant”, although they do note that they disregarded context or sarcasm.

They then compared the number of happy tweets to the total number of tweets from each city, to see which one had the highest proportion of positive sentiment.

And (drum roll please) the big winner of the title of “Happiest Twitter City In Canada” is… Halifax!

It’s not big, bustling Toronto or historic Montreal, it’s the tiny sea-soaked city of Halifax, taking first place with 1.5 percent of all tweets containing positive sentiment.

Others that made it into the top five include Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

You can see the full list of the top 10 happiest Twitter cities in Canada below: