The Hangover, Iron Man, Scarface and more in this week’s top PTAT gainers among movie pages

The Hangover is this week’s top gaining movie page when it comes to the People Talking About This metric. The page has received 303,765 additional engagements over the past week. Despite having not been in theaters since summer 2011, the page has seen engagement increase as it promotes a sequel in production now.

The top 10 movie pages saw PTAT growth between 147,588 and 303,765 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   The Hangover329,1390+303,765
2   Iron Man506,093-112,132+302,400
3   Scarface™241,7670+195,825
4   Boo505,622+38,344+182,091
5   The Goonies187,379+237+178,059
6   WWWAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAP336,952+30,334+176,295
7   Breaking Dawn401,751+44,247+169,232
8   Alice in Wonderland98,434-116,506+156,380
9   Captain Jack Sparrow296,7840+152,929
10   女人心事姊妹淘212,308+2,464+147,588


The Hangover has started to see increased engagement as it looks to generate buzz for its next sequel, The Hangover 3. The movie has begun filming and the page has shared a few pictures of the set from director Todd Phillips’ Instagram. With more than 19 million page Likes, The Hangover series has acquired many fans from the previous movies. The page managers are taking advantage of the established audience and will likely use more social ads as the summer 2013 premiere edges closer.

At No. 2 is the Iron Man franchise, which is similarly prepping for its third movie to be released in summer 2013. Earlier last week, the page released a teaser trailer that has garnered enough buzz, it is surprising it is not the top gaining page for this week. Upon further inspection, this could be due to directing fans to view the trailer on a separate site instead of uploading it directly on the Facebook page. Uploading it directly onto Facebook makes it easier for fans to Like and share the post, allowing it to grow organically among its 11 million fans and their friends. However, the trailer is likely an iTunes Trailers exclusive.

At No. 3 is the 1983 film, Scarface. Having been released in theaters long before Facebook even existed, it is impressive to see the movie have over 7 million page likes. Unlike the previous movies mentioned, Scarface has no sequels planned, yet sees ample engagement week to week. Universal seems to use the page as a way to market to these 7 million fans and hope to drive home video sales. Most of the page posts remain relevant to the Scarface brand, but the studio strategically markets some of its other titles through the page.

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