The Guardian ‘Delighted’ by Quick Success in U.S.

The Guardian has been a respected daily newspaper based in London since 1821. In its two centuries of newsgathering, the paper went from telling a local story to providing a national presence.

In September, The Guardian branched out further, opening a U.S. operation in Soho.

Janine Gibson was chosen to helm the new operation. After 14 years in various positions with the organization, she is now editor-in-chief of Guardian US.

American response has been overwhelmingly positive, since The Guardian set up shop in New York.

The Guardian has already reached more than 24 million visitors on its site.

“We’re absolutely delighted,” Gibson tells FishbowlNY. “We started very quietly and small and we’ve grown fast.”

She says the Manhattan office has expanded to nearly 40 staffers.

But Gibson says there has always been support for The Guardian in the U.S. Therefore, adding the bureau was a natural progression for the newspaper.

“We’ve always had an audience here. We’ve always had a readership here,” Gibson says. “But to be growing at 80-percent year-on-year, compared to last April, feels like a very significant leap, clearly.”

Gibson says the focus now is making visitors feel like they are “part of the international Guardian audience.”

As for The Guardian‘s next online goal, happily she doesn’t have one.

“Honestly, we’ve sort of gone through quite a lot of the traffic targets, so we’re going to make some more,” Gibson laughs.

But beyond the numbers, Gibson wants to use the deep resources to build quality reporting.

“It’s about growing the audience for The Guardian‘s journalism,” Gibson says. “

Personally, there is another reason that Gibson is glad to be charged with The Guardian‘s new American venture.

“I love it, I have always wanted to live here,” Gibson admits. “It has lived up to the promise.”

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