The Grossest Thing You’ll Read Today

The newest feature in the Fishbowl is one that might be a little hard to stomach. It’s not like we ENJOY looking for gross stuff to talk about, but some people can’t help but tweet nasty stuff. People who repeatedly tweet pictures of their meals are already obnoxious. But, Metro Weekly publisher Randy Shulman took it one ugly step further, and for that, we’re grateful.

On Tuesday, he tweeted directly at McDonald’s to show them his lunch. I believe that if you buy your lunch at McDonald’s, you’re asking for trouble. The last time I ate that shit, I was on a road trip and had no other option. The burger tasted like wax and medicine and I have no sympathy for anyone who gets a bad meal there.

What did Shulman order? He fell for the new marketing for McDonald’s new “Cheddar Bacon Onion” burger. He tweeted, “This is your idea of a tempting new burger? Folks, I give you the Grilled Onion Cheddar!”

He gave us the accompanying picture, which should kill whatever appetite you may have. Mmmm. It looks like a Cheddar Bacon Onion Burger that has been vomited onto a burger wrapper. Or maybe Shulman was surly while ordering his burger and he received the classic fast food comeuppance. It looks like someone dropped their pants and delivered “Value Meal #2” on top of his meat. And is that REALLY a burger? It looks like someone sliced a hunk of meat off a diseased horse.