The Grizzly Labs Launches Pyfl Business Recommendation App

Pyfl was designed to prevent users from reading 'untrustworthy' business reviews by ensuring users only see recommendations from their friends or other users they choose to follow.

The Grizzly Labs has announced the release of Pyfl (Places Your Friends Like), its venue recommendation app on iOS and Android. Pyfl allows users to create a map of their favorite businesses and attractions, and add comments to these locations explaining why they like them. As a social network, users can follow others to view their map and recommendations.

Pyfl was designed to prevent users from reading ‘untrustworthy’ reviews by allowing them to only see recommendations from their friends or other users they choose to follow.

Users can add as many businesses and attractions to their map as they’d like by searching for nearby locations or those in different cities. Business listings include each venue’s phone number, address, website and more, where available.


Users can edit their comments or remove locations from their map if their opinions change, and can also create lists to organize their locations. For instance, users could create a list for the best pizza places they’ve visited in New York City.

In a statement, Bruno Virlet, co-founder of The Grizzly Labs, commented:

I prefer a three-star restaurant recommended by a good friend than a five-star restaurant recommended by random people. I trust friends’ recommendations much more because I know their tastes, the type of places they appreciate and the atmospheres they typically like. And you can talk about it afterwards—it’s very personal!

Pyfl is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.