The Grey Lady Debates on How to Charge for Web Content

From John Koblin at the New York Observer:

By the end of June, The New York Times will come to a decision on how to charge for some of its content on the Web, The Observer has learned.

Executive editor Bill Keller said at a meeting with staff on Wednesday that two proposals are being strongly considered.

They’re looking at the ‘metered system’ where after a certain amount of page views you will be charged in order to read more. Many years ago, some online dictionaries tried that. Or a subscription service, according to the article. New York Times Tote Time. Woot.

We say if the NYT does get subscribers and it stops the hemorrhaging – so goes the rest of the newspapers.

What’s that quote from the Zoo Story? “Sometimes you have to go a long way out of your way in order to get home a short distance.” The NYT used to charge – it didn’t work. Layoffs. Meltdown. Layoffs. Now they are talking about charging and it’s the most brilliant idea ever and it’s just crazy enough to work. Yeesh.

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