The Greater Bad to be Released as the World’s First Water-Proof Paperback

from the “You can’t do that with a Kindle” dept…

The Daily Mail is reporting that a new type of waterproofing technology is going to be used in the world’s first water-proof paperback when it hits bookstores next summer.

The cover and pages of the book will be made from a specially coated paper. it’s a tough polymer similar to one used on banknotes. besides making the book water-proof, it will also make it more resistant to tearing.

The book in question, called The Greater Bad, is currently available for the Kindle. It was selected to be a prototype for the new process as a double experiment. This will also be the first time that the book will be in print. Alan Cork, author of The Greater Bad, is quite thrilled to be the first to test out a new book format. “I’m over-the-moon that my book has been chosen to pave the way in a new era of publishing.”

image by tracy the astonishing