The Great Gawker Exodus Of ’07


Third Gawker editor quits this weekend, announces resignation via New York Times…

Gawker’s personnel problems are officially jumping from major to nuts. We already knew that Choire Sicha and Emily Gould had handed in their papers… but the New York Times reports (and the New York Observer confirms) that nightlife/food editor Joshua David Stein is leaving as well. That makes three major editorial departures in three days for a small-staff website that averages more than 250,000 visits a day. Not good.

Stein told the NYO:

He’ll be spending the month of January in London with a “lady” he said he would “make a go of it” with. When he returns, he said he’ll hope to pick up a career in freelancing. He said he’s currently working on
pieces for Page Six Magazine and Out, and that he has “some major” work in the pipeline that he couldn’t discuss.

That leaves Gawker with current team of ex-Wonkette Alex Pareene, Maggie Shnayerson and Sheila McClear. Ex-editor Alex Balk quit in September for a gig at Radar and media reporter/associate editor Doree Shafrir jumped to the Observer that same month.

Ah yeah, new media musical chairs… ain’t nothing like it.