Grammys Tie It All Together With Social Media

The Grammys are happening this Sunday, but the impact of social media on the record industry has been felt for quite some time. With some rough years under its belt, a story in the New York Times says the Grammys and other music awards shows are now a leader in social media for the entertainment world.

“Perhaps because music companies were the first and the hardest hit by the digital media revolution, music awards shows have been far ahead of their film and TV counterparts in using social media,” the Times writes.

This year’s “Music Is Life Is Music” campaign is relying heavily on geo-location technology. And, starting today, there’s a three-day virtual lead-up to the awards show across different social networks and a Social Media Rock Star Summit (info in the video above). Last year, user-generated YouTube video played a role in the “We’re All Fans” campaign.

In 2009 we asked if the Grammys was doing enough with social media. It looks like the awards organizers asked themselves the same question.