The Gossip Shake-Up

Today marked the penultimate Quidnunc chat, as Rich Leiby described it himself, and the final one graced by the presence of Reliable Source sidekick Anne Schroeder, who starred in last night’s Capitol File soiree.

As for Leiby and his plans? He reports, we suspect only half-tongue-in-cheek, he said “Seriously, I intend to remedy all the spinelessness in American journalism if they give me the War & Terrorism Beat.”

Anne’s goodbye email today, sent to one of the most impressive Rolodexes in the city, follows after the jump.

“So, there’s good news and bad news.

“The good news is that as of Friday the 13th (which is a spectacular day, as I was born on Friday the 13th–stop snickering) I will no longer be harassing any of you for the Reliable Source column in The Washington Post. Your name will not be run through the mud on my account any more. I’m taking on a new role as executive editor of Capitol File magazine, launching in Washington in Sept. We’ll be covering many of the same things I’ve written about at the Post, including celebrities, clubs, restaurants, bizarre happenings, and parties. Lots and lots of parties.

“Ah, and now the bad news: I still know how to get ahold of all of you. And plan to do so.

“It’s been great working with all of you while I’ve been at the Post (Well, most of you, anyway). All the best, and please keep me on your speeddial.”