The GOP Knows What the Kids Are Wearing

Today in Same Old Story news, someone in the Republican Party anticipated the results of this study about changing political alliances among Millennials and got to work making some ads to appeal to that key demographic: Audi-driving early-30’s yuppies battling problems with facial hair.

Like all political ads, these are collections of cue card quips designed to reduce incredibly complex economic issues into simple talking points.

Of course the ad offers no specifics explaining why an easing of regulations on any given industry would lead to more jobs, much less better jobs. Nor does it explain moves to cut short the unemployment benefits earned by all those friends who (allegedly) can’t find work because of the same regulations…as if this guy’s “friends” work in fossil fuels.

The next ad makes the same points:

You may recall that the Obama administration’s own rhetorical response to energy issues is also “all of the above.

(And yes, the point about alternative energy is particularly rich considering recent decisions to ban Tesla’s direct sales model in various states in order to satisfy lobbyists in the auto sector.)

We’re not here to promote one party over the other; both major parties’ relationships with our energy industry are too deep and co-dependent to explore in a blog post. But messaging efforts like this campaign just aren’t going to cut it, no matter who’s delivering the talking points.

At least we didn’t hear any rhetoric about “traditional families” in these clips. Also: someone forgot the monocle.