The ‘Google Test’ Eliminates Almost All Candidates From This Hiring Manager’s Consideration

The “Google Test” is “type your name into Google and see what comes up.”

But what David Meerman Scott is looking for when he Googles you is not the absence of party photos. He’s looking for the presence of content.

“On the Web, you are what you publish,” he says. “For many job seekers, what pops up on Google are a few random things (like your membership in the company softball league), your LinkedIn profile, and not much else. Sometimes there is a Twitter feed but frequently it was started years earlier and has been abandoned or it’s only updated a few times a month.”

“With more senior people, I always laugh when the top content when I Google your name is the press release that your company issued a few years earlier to announce you are joining.”

If you’re a marketer, you need to be creating content, he says. CEOs are not looking for managers, “they’re looking for doers. They want marketers (even at the senior level) who are passionate about creating content on the Web.”

Meerman Scott says that his CEO friend Jon Ferrara, who is looking for a senior marketer right now, agreed that the “Google test” will eliminate most candidates from consideration.

So don’t delay. Don’t think “oh, I really should update my Twitter” – just try it.