The Google Phone Has Arrived

google_phoneThe much-anticipate Google Phone, aka Nexus One, is here. You might not be able to purchase one yet, but bloggers are beginning to get their hands on the device as Google employees have begun leaking photos and information about the celly.

Rumored to be available in January ’10, the Google Phone will be sold online and will be totally unlocked, therefore not tethering users to a specific wireless carrier.

Developed in collaboration with HTC, (quite possibly the fastest-growing company in the mobile sector), expectations are high for the device.

It is important to remember that the Google Phone comes out of the gate with the advantage of the Google name, but the disadvantage of being over 100,000 apps behind the still popular iPhone. Also, without a link to a major wireless carrier, the phone might take more time to be as widespread as the iPhone or the Droid.

The phone is supposedly feature-rich, including an advanced mic designed to filter out background noise and speech-to-text transcription functionality.

I’m still leaning towards picking up the Droid on Verizon because the Google phone will NOT have a physical keyboard. And after struggling with the LG Dare for 1.5 years, the fat thumbs need some help.

In 2010 one thing is clear: if Android/Google devices want to pull away serious market share from Apple, the Android Market needs a serious overhaul.

Check out a Google Phone pic here.