The Goodness That Janet Jackson Brought to Design


A few months back, we were talking about the silly “Design Janet Jackson’s new album cover” contest. We’d completely forgotten all about it, because, in truth, we don’t really pay much attention to the goings-ons of Ms. Jackson (if you can believe it). So we were surprised and interested when it all came back into our minds when we ran across this story from Crit, who was at the store and ran across the four winning covers. And we were even more shocked when the piece’s writer, Darren Melchiorre, actually dug the design work. Here’s some:

With the four covers that were selected to represent Janet Jackson’s new work, I first asked myself how effective would this be to sell the album? Without knowing that a design contest existed, I walked into the Virgin Megastore and was completely confused about what I saw and why there were four completely different album covers on sale. After a few seconds of thought, I found myself staring at each cover, asking myself why are there four covers and which one am I tempted to buy? When I found out that this was, indeed, the result of a design contest, I discovered the real power of this contest. These covers are raw, true representations of a person’s interpretation of the past and future of Janet Jackson and her music. To my knowledge, no marketing agenda influenced these designs.