The Golden Globes: a Not-So-Beautiful ‘Mess’

Well, Tina was right about one thing: it was messy. The things we’ll remember from last night’s Golden Globes, ranked from least to most surprising:

  • Everyone was drunk (and everyone who wasn’t was pregnant)
  • Breaking Bad won best show, obvs
  • 12 Years a Slave won best drama, obvs
  • Jennifer Lawrence won best supporting actress (obvs again, but someone should have nominated Amy Adamswardrobe malfunction-free V-necks)
  • Bono is NOT the biggest Diddy fan:


  • We got a little extremely unfiltered commentary from Ronan Farrow on what he really thinks about his “father”:
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine? Really?!
  • JLaw’s photo bomb felt a little less…spontaneous this year (Love you and all, but “I’m quirky!” only works so many times. Ask Gaga.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.31.30 AM

Decent show overall, though it was quite sloppy(!) and we feel like Amy Poehler may have abandoned some of her best jokes to win that award (which she totally deserved, BTW). And what about the shockingly low production values? Does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association need to tell us something?

Biggest disappointment: no nomination for Bobby DeNiro’s American Hustle turn as “generic aging mobster who speaks a little Arabic”. What a stretch!

In summary, put your money on 12 Years a Slave at the Oscars. We may or may not have a guy on the inside.