The ‘Girl in the Tunnel’ Finds the Fella Who Put Her There

A great story in Melbourne’s The Age by way of One+One=Three, “The Girl in the Tunnel.” Fitting for either the “to pitch to This American Life” or the stencil graffiti file, it’s an account of a former model discovering herself turned into an urban piece of artwork coincidentally some thirty years later by designer Rone (his artist/tagger name). And, of course, she learns something about herself along the way. The real story here is in all this re-use of material, from music samples to old photographs, what happens when the old and new somehow meet up. This writer has one friend who was working with old newsreel clips for a high-profile music video and he was racked with worry the whole time, wondering, “What happens if one of these people sees this and recognizes themselves?” It wasn’t any legal issue he was worrying about, just the feeling someone might have over the strange re-appropriation. This story is one such example of what goes down.