The Getpickd Launch Party: Sterling Speaks!

So, Getpickd launched officially last night at D.C.’s Chi Cha Lounge, with a rather large turnout. Our informal-unofficial-poll-cleverly-disguised-as-a-joke (“Are you out of work or just here for the free drinks?”) found that yeah, most of you guys were there to get some networking on. The District’s supposed to be isolated from all this. Thanks for nothing, Obama.*

Anyway, we spoke with founder Adam Sterling and he shared with us his plans for Getpickd, which really is, in essence, “just” a resume service—who has a launch party for a resume creation service?
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“There are other companies doing what we do, but none that really market to our generation,” Sterling said. So to that end, in addition to just selling resume packages, he’ll be starting a social network (still in the works) and holding more networking parties in the D.C. area—and maybe someday in an area near you.