The Gatekeeper of the Golden Globes

Each year, the coveted seats at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony are carefully parceled out by one Judy Solomon, a 79-year-old Israeli journalist you’ve probably never heard of. But once a year she becomes a publicist’s nightmare, as they try to negotiate precious tickets for their employers. Nicole LaPorte of The Daily Beast profiles the feisty scribe, and provides an interesting glimpse into how your Golden Globe celebrity audience sausage is made:

Even more unique in a town where everyone owes someone else a favor, Solomon doesn’t seem to care who she pisses off. Last year, she caused a mini world war when she declared that no agents or managers could sit in the pit—i.e., the area closest to the stage, where the biggest movie stars are seated. (The logic was that too many dark suits in the audience does not make for sexy TV.) This ruling prevented CAA partner Kevin Huvane from sitting with his client Meryl Streep, who was nominated for a Best Actress award for Julie & Julia.

CAA’s reaction? “Explosive,” said one source. Huvane “wanted to go with Meryl.”

In the end, Huvane went, but was seated in the more bourgeois tier of tables just above the pit.

This year, Ms. Solomon has gone a step further: Last week, the town’s major agencies were alerted that they would not be receiving any tickets for this year’s event.

That’s right, she banned agents outright from the Golden Globes! Ballsy, but practical. The Globes are held in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, which is on the small side. Seating is limited. And agents don’t exactly spice up an audience. Ms. Solomon, Sunday’s viewers thank you.