The Gang of 500 Heads To Jumbo Slice Territory

hubrisparty.JPGWashington’s hangover today was provided to you courtesy of Michael Isikoff and David Corn (confirmed: Washington’s cutest couple) who hosted their book party for NYT best-selling “Hubris” in…

Adams Morgan??? When was the last time you heard of the Gang of 500 going to a party in Adams Morgan? Boy, these cats are hipper than we thought. Hubris? More like Hipness! (Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all week). And we, naturally, loved their choice of Reef because of, well, the fishes.

Rockstars (for DC, obviously) in the house included: Mary Ann Akers (who got a lovely shout-out from hubby-to-be Isikoff during his remarks), artist Welmoed Laanstra (and Corn’s wife), Tom Toles (with wife Gretchen), Virginia GOP superlawyer/F.O.Marvin Bush/Moussaoui death penalty saver Ed MacMahon, former Clinton White House flak Ricki Seidman, USTR’s Christina Sevilla, super lawyer Abbe Lowell, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Rand Beers (Bush’s former counterterrorism advisor who defected to become John Kerry’s nat’l security advisor), Dallas Morning News’ Carl Leubsdorf, USA Today’s Susan Page, WaPo’s Mike Abramowitz, Washington super book agent Gail Ross, Newsweek’s Jeff Bartholet & Richard Wolffe & Mark Hosenball (also Isikoff’s “Terror Watch” column sidekick), Alex Pareene, Real estate agent to the media stars Jay Dahill, Dan Froomkin, The Hill’s Jackie Kucinich & Jonathan Kaplan & Kelly McCormack, Newsweek’s Mike Hirsh, Washington Times’ Eric Pfeiffer and Newsweek’s Holly Bailey, Carol Joynt, Harry Jaffe, Karen Feld, Kenny Day, Karen Travers, Jessica Yellin, Colleen King, Tammy Haddad, Liz Halloran Garret Graff, former Hill reporter Hans Nichols and Democratic lobbyist Andrew Kauders.

As party goers threw back the Chimay, conversation topics included a.) Whether The Hill newspaper meant to editorialize thusly… b.) Does Adams Morgan look like Temple Bar? … c.) Will David whip out the guitar? … d.) Mary Ann Akers’ wedding dress … e.) Do you think the fishes can hear the loud music? f.) the increasing futility of marathon training … g.) Was Garrett Graff once a page?!? h.) If not Hastert, who WILL be the fall guy in page scandal? and i.) how funny it was that former Rep. Bob Barr was driving around looking for a parking space, but couldn’t find one in crowded Adams Morgan (shocker), so he dispatched an associate to run in and buy a book. No, we don’t think it was a page.