The Future of the ‘Zombies, Run!’ App

Gaming company Six to Start raised over $50,000 to build Zombies, Run! last year, a storytelling app for Apple and Android smartphones that changes the hours you spend jogging into an interactive zombie story. The more you run, the deeper you move into an action-packed zombie story (video embedded above).

PandoDaily has a feature about the app, looking at the future of the exercise tool. Founder Adrian Ho talked in an interview with site.

Check it out: “While the app currently only allows for a solo-running mission, perhaps future versions will include multi-player participation and interaction — imagine a mob of zombie marathon runners. Hon says the creators of Zombies, Run! will continue to devise new experiences for users, most recently ZombieLink, which offers a run history and playbacks of the best zombie chases. Six to Start is also developing an app that will help first-timers train for a 5k. Not sure if it’ll be a 3.1 mile zombie chase, but it’ll likely be clever and captivating.”