The Future of Shopping is Mobile (Infographic)

With the increased use of mobile devices, more consumers are turning to their smartphones to research and make purchases.

E-commerce and online shopping are already mainstays of the retail industry. Mobile devices have been a huge contributing factor in the continued growth of e-commerce, and this trend is likely to continue. A new infographic from examines the potential impact of mobile in the future.

Currently there are 1.91 billion mobile users worldwide, a number predicted to grow to 2.56 billion by 2018. 64 percent of Americans already own a smartphone, and 42 percent own a tablet, and those users are very attached to their devices.

29 percent “couldn’t imagine living without” their cellphone, 44 percent kept their cellphone next to their bed so as to not miss notifications, and 67 percent check their phones even when there has been no sound or vibration. And there is a growing segment of the market using their devices to shop.

82 percent of smartphone users — 166 million Americans — say they will shop with their device this year. 86 percent will be shopping with their device by 2018, and 81 percent are at least researching options online before they make a purchase.

Mobile optimization is key to a successful ecommerce strategy, yet some businesses are slow to adapt, and it’s costing them business. 96 percent of smartphone users have visited non optimized sites, and 52 percent of users said encountering such a site would make them less likely to do business with a company. Overall, mobile and tablet users are 5 times more likely to abandon a purchase if they encounter a non-optimized site.

For more information view the inforgraphic below.



Top image courtesy of Shutterstock