The Friday Dump: ‘Burlington Coat Fact’ Is Your Favorite Twitter Parody

Yeah, yeah, we’re about 72 hours late to the 30 minutes of amusement that is the Burlington Coat Fact Twitter feed, but since BuzzFeed hasn’t covered it yet and it’s 5 :30 PM on a Friday we figure it’s still fair game, right?

In case you don’t live online all day, some genius created this fake Burlington Coat Factory account for no discernible reason, and despite all the grammatical errors and nonsense messages the real brand made the tragically amazing mistake of linking to it before the whole Internet blew up. Here are some highlights that everyone else already featured:

We’re all laughing about how bizarre these tweets are, but are they really any stranger than, say, Progressive?

Burlington Coat Factory doesn’t even have an official Twitter feed, and if they did there’s no way in hell that any creative director would approve these messages, but they’re much more memorable than anything on the brand’s Facebook page—and they’ve certainly earned a lot of media coverage, haven’t they?

It might be something to think about if it weren’t so clearly impossible to pull off spontaneous weirdness with a corporate social media account.

And now that you’ve seen this feed for the fourth time, you can call it a weekend.