The Freshest Way to Meet People?

“Start Monday have a date by Saturday.”

This is the slogan of the newest in a slew of dating Websites. However, one feature that sets apart is that it does not charge a fee for its services!

You can’t put a price on love!

It seems to work like most typical dating Websites; you put up your best looking pictures, talk up your best and brightest qualities, and they match you with other local singles on the Website. They break it down into three categories beginning with introduce yourself (post pictures and qualities), mingle (check out other profiles and answer daily questions), and connect (time for the date).

Some other functionalities of the Website include the ability to post what they refer to as first impressions, but it’s very similar to a Facebook or Twitter status update. Another feature is the daily group interaction in which they ask you questions like “what was Christmas like for you as a kid” or “where would you hide a balloon”.

All in all, the word “free” makes this Website stand apart from the crowd. The two considerations to keep in mind are that it is a new Website, thus less potential as far as connections, and if you live in a rural area, this presents even less possibilities.

The site boasts “We want you to have a date next weekend.”

Being that I’m hitched, it might be weird for my to give it a whirl. If you’ve signed up for the site, please let us know how it goes.