The French Love Anna Wintour Too


We Americans are not the only ones on this Big Blue Marble that thoroughly obsess about the doings of Anna Wintour and her Rennaissance court at Vogue. The French, it appears, equally appreciate the Vogue editrix’s sheer, unbridled fabulosity. Mademoiselle Agnes — a pseudonym of one Agnes Boulard — does a segment on Canal + called ”Signed Anna,” which, we cannot fail to note, can only be properly construed as stalking. From The New York Times:

”In last fall’s episode, Ms. Wintour is shown in fast-paced clips variously smiling, yawning, scowling or looking pensive, while a diagram on the screen dissects the proportions of her features: 63 percent hair, 20 percent sunglasses, 17 percent face. This spring’s segment introduces members of her staff: ‘But who is this woman with the same hairstyle?’ a narrator intones in French as Ms. Wintour talks to Amy Astley, the editor of Teen Vogue. ‘Amy!’ the narrator screams. ‘Nouveau personage!’

”Hamish Bowles, the editor of Vogue Living, receives equal billing: ‘Hamish! Nouveau personage!’ And then, at the Nina Ricci show, Mademoiselle Agnes, looking crestfallen, discovers something shocking: Ms. Wintour had worn the same floral-print dress, sunglasses and boots to the Balenciaga show. ‘Scandale!”’

Because everybody — even the French — need role models.

(image via smh)