The Fragility of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch’s Friendship

In an excerpt from Roger Ailes Off Camera, by Zev Chafets, Roger Ailes admits that his friendship with Rupert Murdoch isn’t that solid. One false move and bam! No more Rupey love.

In a section of the book published by Vanity Fair, Ailes explains that their friendship is based entirely on numbers:

Does Rupert like me? I think so, but it doesn’t matter. When I go up to the magic room in the sky every three months, if my numbers are right, I get to live. If not, I’m killed. Our relationship isn’t about love — it’s about arithmetic. Survival means hitting your numbers. I’ve met or exceeded mine in 56 straight quarters. The reason is: I treat Rupert’s money like it is mine.

Here are some more figures: That is 20 percent sort of sad and 80 percent extremely dramatic.