The Four Stages Of “Getting” Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Despite it’s short, simple messages, Twitter is not easy to “get”. Although you might not be willing to admit it, I bet you had a tough time figuring out the ropes when you first created your account.

This infographic takes you through the four stages of getting Twitter, from a complete inability to understand its purpose to a total Twitter addiction. What stage have you reached?

From, this infographic is a neat and tidy visual explanation of the transition we’ve all had to go through in order to become Twitter addicts.

First, we’re skeptical. We don’t believe Twitter has any value, and we wonder why we even signed up in the first place.

Next comes a dogged attempt to enjoy it, without actually being able to. We do everything we do normally, like share what food we ate for dinner and our favorite quotes, but still, we don’t quite get what all the fuss is about.

The third stage comes once we’ve interacted a few times with various people, and we finally begin to see what Twitter is all about. And after that, of course, comes a pure and simple Twitter addiction.

Check out the infographic below, and share it with anyone who is on the bottom levels of the “getting Twitter” pyramid, so they can see what awaits them if they just stick with it (click to enlarge):