The Forward: ‘Would be Nice if NYT Had Self-Awareness’

The outpouring of reaction continues. Late Monday, The Forward‘s Sarah Seltzer offered a personal take on the NYT Style story on the “Juicebox Mafia” or as we prefer, Boy Banders. She writes that she and fellow female journalists have been discussing the story for days. The story appears in “the sisterhood” section of the publication. The headline: “The Times’s Infatuation With the Blogosphere’s Boys.”


The choice of the Times to run this story, and of DC’s political class to embrace certain members over others, are emblematic of a system that even in unconventional and “liberal” environments, replicates the outside hierarchies of race, class, gender and more. The world looks at the ragtag multitude of “liberal bloggers” and immediately, instinctively elevates the ones who look and write the most like traditional pundits. This, of course, is how the mainstream lens is applied to any subset of the population.

And later…We have to push back. It would be nice if the Times had some self-awareness when it came to stories like these, particularly given the heat received by sections of its own paper (like the op-ed page and the Book Review) for privileging white male voices above others. But the message has yet to be received. So we have to continue to explain again and again why a silly article about a group of nice, hardworking bloggers in the style section was so viscerally upsetting for so many readers. It’s about the context.