The Foiled Attack on Danish Newspapers

American blowhards want to see Julian Assange assassinated. Tucker Carlson wants to see Michael Vick executed. All denounce terrorism. They condemn “extremists” and jihadists, but like to use the same rhetoric as the terrorists.

Case in point for the NYT:

The police in Sweden and Denmark arrested five men on Wednesday suspected of plotting an “imminent” attack against at least one Danish newspaper that published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in 2005, according to security officials in those countries.

We asked newspaper cartoonist Rob Tornoe what he thinks of a plot to blowup a newspaper for publishing something offensive. “It’s sad that we continue to live in a world where freedom of expression itself can be such a dangerous thing, ” Tornoe tells FBLA. “I think reasonable people could argue about the judgment and motifs of the Danish artists who decided to draw the prophet Muhammad back in 2005 for Jyllands-Posten. However, people who are willing to assassinate cartoonists or blow up newspapers for expressing their views seems to validate the criticisms in the first place.”

Tornoe sums up, “I mean, isn’t this the definition of satire – to poke fun at the things everyone tells you not to poke fun at – in order to make things better?”

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