The Flood on The Flash


Once again, Lounge72 has stepped up to the design plate and released a terrific interview with a cool design firm. This time they’re talking to the three founding partners of the Santa Anna-based Mindflood. They’re primarily a web design firm, and have done some great work for some gigantic clients, from Nissan to Red Bull. The interview is your typical “what inspires you?” and “how did you get started?” kinds of questions, which are interesting to be sure, but the meat of this thing is when they get talking about Flash. The firm does most of their work in Flash, and while they don’t come right out and say how bad Flash sites can be (see: 99%), they do talk about the limitations of the program, and the problems therein, primarily with the codecs. We’re still in favor of there being a future, because, hey, if you didn’t have to wait seven hours to look at something and it wasn’t all muddled up with animated cursors, we’re convinced that Flash can be really terrific. A good read, regardless of your opinion.

Here and then.more like every freaking day. Our running office joke is “by Flash 12, we might be able to do what we want.” It’s a constant struggle trying to do innovative work within the limits of the Flash Player. That little guy is just a wimp when it comes to playing larger format video or animations. While Adobe / Macromedia has done a fair job of adding features and improving performance with each new version of the player, the performance on all but the very latest hardware still leaves something to be desired. Take the new On2 video codec for example. When compared to the Sorensen Spark codec, it uses twice the resources.