The Flirt Game Exemplifies Stone Creek Entertainment’s Focus on Emerging Female Market

The Flirt Game is a brand new MTV-endorsed Facebook dating game from developer Stone Creek Entertainment launched on April 29. It’s a question-and-answer based dating app that aims to show whether users are a “mind and soul match.”

What makes this a game more so than a dating service app with gamification elements is the division between singleplayer and multiplayer. The singleplayer version allows players to answer questions with the role of the second person being filled by a character archetype. Members of MTV’s Real World program also appear as characters in singleplayer and Wood tells us the real life cast members did answer all of the 468 questions available in singleplayer. Multiplayer mode features additional questions, and the ability to play synchronously with friends, friends or friends, or other players currently online in the game. There’s also asynchronously play with the “date offline” mode. In total there are 678 questions in The Flirt Game.

“It’s very deep,”explains Sharon Wood, Founder and CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment. “We wanted to offer different ways to connect to others, and make it as player-friendly as possible.”

The game is monetized via the sale of premium avatar items using two levels of currency. Flirt Coins can be acquired through gameplay or via Social Gold, while Flirt Cash can only be acquired through Social Gold. Wood notes that the game is currently in the process of implementing Facebook Credits, and that the game will offer more Facebook Credits features as time goes on, as well as partnering with an ad network.

“Over time, we’ll add more questions and features,” says Wood. “We’re thinking of adding more game elements as well, but as with all social games, we’re most interested in finding out what the players want. Dating in real life is fun, often an adventure and always a mystery — so we have a lot of options. In the long run, we see The Flirt Game becoming a new way to meet and greet potential new friends or sweethearts on Facebook.”

What’s perhaps most interesting about The Flirt Game is its targeted appeal to female digital gamers. Though long considered the main audience of Facebook, the platform’s growth in the last two years has convinced most social game developers to branch out to gender neutral gameplay or even explore games made for a mostly male demographic. Stone Creek Entertainment, however, is betting on the possibilities both The Flirt Game and its upcoming iOS decision-making app Karizmac Luminous offer when considering how to tap into the market of female digital gamers.

“Very few companies can claim that their games are for women, by women,” Wood says. “Stone Creek Entertainment, however, can rightfully make that statement, as we’ve developed a suite of online, social and mobile games for the largest emerging digital gaming group — women!”

The Flirt Game  has just launched, and it currently has 828 monthly active users and 685 daily active users on Facebook; you can follow the game’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.