The five most useful apps for college

Image via Flickr/ajagendorf25
Image via Flickr/ajagendorf25

In just a few weeks, college campuses across America will be swarmed with bright-eyed students ready to start the year. But college can be remarkably stressful, especially for the college freshman. Luckily, the five mobile apps below were developed specifically to help ease some of that stress.

Since today’s college student faces an enormous list of expenses, our first app will hopefully help eliminate at least some of that financial burden. Released this year and available at the App Store, Scholly was developed to give students — from high school seniors to graduate students — a targeted list of scholarships they qualify for, without pages and pages of repetitive forms.

For our second app, we picked something that’s of the upmost importance, and that’s safety. Circle of 6 was designed to stop college violence before it happens. It allows the user to send a pre-programmed request for help, such as “Come get me now” to six chosen friends with the touch of a hidden icon. Nobody likes to think that they will need something like this, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The next three apps were developed for academics. Like Dropbox, Evernote stores files and projects. A student can condense their notes, textbook readings, and projects into one digital folder that is always available. Students can then connect Evernote with StudyBlue for even more organizational help. StudyBlue stores notes and practice tests, even enabling students to customize their own flashcards, quizzes or review sheets. StudyBlue also keeps a running self-assessment score to document students’ progress.

For group projects, the best app students can download is Trello. Here, students can assign tasks to members of their groups and tracks individual progress, so everyone takes part in the project. Trello adapts to the students, molding into whatever the project requires.

These five apps create safer, more organized college students, helping take away some of school’s most crushing burdens. New students, especially, can easily have a safe, funded, and academically stimulating new year, spending their free time with less worry while focusing instead on exciting new people and experiences.